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Dual-Channel Three Redundancy Digital Wireless Microphone System

Instant start

Three-channel data redundancy with auto frequency hopping

DSP 3-band equalizer
  • User-friendly ASAP® (Auto Search Auto Pair) technology for instant start.
  • Digital audio processing technology.
  • Incorporating three innovative technologies (GFSK, Real time RSSI and FHSS) to detect and avoid interference, automatic frequency hopping and three channel data redundancy. Deliver the most reliable wireless transmission possible.
  • Ultra-low 5 ms audio transmission.
  • Proprietary codec specialized for excellent audio quality and wide dynamic range for vocals, speech and instruments.
  • Adjustable audio sensitivity for various applications.
  • Two selectable scan modes:
    A-SCAN mode automatically locates interference-free channel group after power ON.
    F-SCAN mode applies last stored channel group for immediate use after power ON.

Video Brochure Manual
  • Dual-channel in 1/2U metal chassis with detachable front-mount high-efficiency antennas.
  • LCD display of RF and audio levels.
  • Auto frequency hopping status displayed on the LCD.
  • 8-segment digital volume control.
  • DSP 3-band equalizer (BASS / MIDDLE / TREBLE) allows users to adjust sound as desired.
  • Switchable MIC-LINE output level.
  • Individual balanced XLR or mixed unbalanced 6.3mm output connections.
  • Rack mount adapter for installation in standard 19" rack.
  • Specifications
  • Handheld
  • Belt-pack
  • Accessories
Model DWR-5420
Channel Dual
Chassis EIA standard 19" 1/2U
Frequency range 2.4G ISM band
Receiving mode Three redundancy receiving system
Channel sync 1-way (TX→RX)
S/N ratio > 95 dB(A)
Dynamic range > 100 dB(A)
T.H.D. < 0.4% @ 1 KHz
Frequency response 20 Hz - 18 KHz
Receiving antenna Detachable at front-end
Auto freq hopping 6 channels random access in 81 channels
Preset channels 81
Modulation GFSK
Audio sampling equivalent to 96k / 24bit
Latency 5 ms
Digital output adjustment Volume control (-8~+8 dB, step 1 dB)
3-band EQ control (-8~+8 dB, step 2 dB)
Output connector Balanced XLR and unbalanced 6.3 Ø
Output level switch MIC-LINE
Power supply 12V DC, 1.0 A
Power consumption 170 mA
Dimensions (W × H × D) 200 × 44 × 185 mm
Weight 0.57 kg

** The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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