GM-143 Audio Linked Gooseneck Conference System

  • Uses universal standard CAT.5e/CAT.6 cable for audio link daisy chain connection.
  • Unique circuit loop design. Every GM-143 unit and switching adaptor can be located anywhere in the loop. (The audio converter can be at start or end of system only.)
  • System capacity up to 60 units. GMC-60 audio interface connects to any audio amplifier.
  • Lockable RJ45 mechanical design prevents any loose cable and unauthorized meddling.
  • Specific speech priority only for the CHAIRMAN unit GM-143C.
  • One switching adaptor and audio converter enables the entire system.
  • Easily noticeable TALK indicator LED on both the gooseneck and the base.
  • The microphone(s) automatically shut off after idling for 5 minutes.
  • Suitable for medium / small size company, corporate and school conference room.
  • Elegantly shaped plastic casing weighing only 536g.
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    Model GM-143C GM-143S
    Cartridge Uni-directional condenser type
    Impedance 680Ω
    Sensitivity -50dB±3dB
    Distortion <0.5%
    S/N ratio ≧60dB
    Frequency response 80Hz-16kHz
    Max input SP 100dB for 1% T.H.D
    Display LED
    *Sound control Yes
    Chairman priority (MUTE) Yes No
    Speech(TALK) Yes
    Gain control(GAIN) Yes
    *Input/output jack 2
    Working voltage 15V, 4.3A
    Dimensions (mm) 162x110x479 (L,W,H)
    Weight (g) 532
    ** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The output power may vary from country to country.