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    Noise Canceling Stereo Headphone
    General Features
    • Active noise cancelling circuit effectively eliminates 85% noise, especially for low frequency noise during the flight, providing the least interference to listening.
    • Unique adjustable noise cancelling design to change according to surrounding noise level, feeling comfortable even in long wearing.
    • Patented modern around-the-ear pads fully cover the ears for outstanding comfort and more effective noise reduction and isolation.
    • Adjustable stainless-steeled belt makes the set more fitting to different heads and ensures optimal performance.
    • 40mm speaker system delivers heavy and distinct bass quality and treble sound.
    • Splitable cable for easy usage and storage.
    • Storage case available for easy protection and carrying.
    • Low power consumption. 2 AKLN batteries offer over-70 hours operation.
    • Accessorized batteries for immediate usage. The headphone still works even with exhausted batteries fail to cancel the noise.
    • Accessorized 3.5-6.3mm airplane plug supports more players such as the plane seats.
    • Suitable for enjoying movies or music on the plane/train/bus as well as any places with environmental noises.
    Brochure  Manual
    Model HP-1000
    Driver unit φ40mm
    Impedance 120Ω(ON), 40Ω(OFF)
    Sensitivity 102dB
    Max input 30mW
    Frequency response 15-23,000Hz
    Cord length 1.5m
    Weight (excl. cable) 230g
    Adaptor plug φ3.5mm →φ6.3mm
    Airplane plug 2*φ3.5mm
    Plug 3.5mm gold-plated straight plug
    Active noise reduction 16dB at 150Hz-250Hz
    Battery AAA 1.5V*2 (alkaline)
    Accessories Carrying case
    ** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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