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  • IRX2(I1)/IRX2(I2)
    Infrared Wall-Mount Amplifier System
    General Features
    • License free, interference free & eavesdrop free!
    • Easily transferrable between rooms.
    • Specifically designed for multiple adjacent rooms, e.g. classrooms and conference rooms.
    • COMPANDER audio circuit improves signal to noise ratio and reduces background noise.
    • PILOTONE squelch mutes receiver in standby mode.
    • Excellent high fidelity and dynamic range - ideal for speech applications.
    • No complicated frequency or licensing issues.
    • Optional chargers with smart-charge feature.
    • Extend reception range with up to 3 external sensors.
    • Low impedance wired microphone input with volume control.
    • Audio inputs: AUX (L/R) x3, EMERGENCY OVERRIDE (EO) x1, Low impedance microphone x1.
    • Audio outputs: LINE (L/R) x1, ALD (Assistive Listening Device) x1, External speaker x2.
    • ALD OUT (Assistive Listening Devices) for the hearing-impaired.
    • EMERGENCY OVERRIDE broadcast system automatically mutes all other audio outputs.
    • Suitable for up to 2 pairs of 4Ω or 8Ω speakers.
    • DC connection for external charger (HC-40,42,402,422).
    • Individual volume controls : ALD, LINE, AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, IR1, IR2, MIC and EO level.
    • 3 BAND EQUALIZER for Individual High/Mid/Bass adjustment.
    • Lockable cabinet provides system security.
    • LED signal indicators for POWER, AUDIO, IR1 and IR2.
    • Available transmitters include handheld (ITX2 / IWH-401,301) and pendant (IWM-402).
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    • Pendant
    • Accessories
    Model IRX2(I1) IRX2(I2)
    No. of channels  Single Dual
    Receiving method  Infrared Superhet Receiving 
    Receiving frequency 2.08 MHz or 2.54MHz CH1 : 2.08MHz, CH2 : 2.54MHz
    Infrared wavelength 850nm 
    Modulation FM 
    Peak deviation ± 25KHz 
    Pilotone frequency 32.768KHz 
    S/N ratio >60dB 
    Distortion < 1% (at 1KHz) 
    IR frequency response 100Hz - 10KHz ± 3dB 
    Output power (RMS) 50W+50W at 4Ω load, 25W+25W at 8Ω load
    Charger out 1
    Audio input AUX(L/R)x3, MICx1, EMERGENCY OVERRIDE(EO)x1
    Audio output¡@ LINE(L/R) x1, External speaker x2, ALD(Assitive listening device) x1
    Volume controls IR1, IR2, AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, LINE, ALD, MIC, EO level
    Equalizer 3 bands (High/Middle/Low)
    External sensor inputs 3
    LED indicator Power, audio, IR1, IR2
    Door lock Yes
    Power supply 100-240V AC, 24V DC 2.5A 
    Matching transmitters ITX2 / IWH-401,301 / IWM-402
    Dimensions (mm) 280x309x55
    Weight (g) 3150 3200
    ** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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